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3 Years

One Time Order

(Age Group 9-11)

36 Months of Learning:

Secure 36 new issues—one for each month, for the next three years.

Substantial Savings:

Opt for our 3-Year One Time Order and receive an incredible 6 MONTHS FREE, offering your child extended access to our comprehensive Islamic and academic resources.

Yearly Access for Each Issue:

Each magazine remains accessible for one year, ensuring your child's learning journey continues.

Continual Educational Support:

New content delivered monthly directly to your portal, with downloadable workbooks for an enhanced learning curve.

Access to Book on Parenting:

Islamic Parenting Guide - Comprehensive insights on nurturing children with faith and practicality.

Intermediate Level Access to Parenting Course:

Includes course materials based on Chapters 1-6, offering an expanded exploration of Islamic parenting.

Access to 1 Treasure Trove:

Over 1000 Pages of Learning - For ages 3-11, blending key skills with Islamic values for one age group.