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Unlock Eternal Rewards and
Earn Generously with Our Affiliate Program

The Continual Reward of Sadaka Jariyah

In the teachings of Islam, the concept of Sadaka Jariyah (ongoing charity) holds a special place. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, "When a man dies, his deeds come to an end except for three things: Sadaqah Jariyah (ceaseless charity); a knowledge which is beneficial, or a virtuous descendant who prays for him (for the deceased)" (Sahih Muslim).

By referring a child to our magazine, "AmazingReflections," you embark on a journey of ceaseless reward. Each time a child learns something valuable from our magazine and implements it in their life, you, as the referrer, earn a share in that good. Imagine the ripple effect – as these children grow and share their knowledge with others, your spiritual reward continues to accumulate, transcending the bounds of time.

Earn Up To 40% in Referral Commission

But that's not all. We believe in rewarding your efforts materially as well. Join our affiliate program and earn up to 40% commission on each eligible referral. Whether it's a single edition or a 9-year subscription, your earning potential is significant.

No Follower? No Problem!

Embrace the Power of the Two-Tier Affiliate System

Think you can't succeed in affiliate marketing because you don't have a large following? Think again! Our Two-Tier Affiliate System is designed precisely for individuals like you. It's not just about who you know or how many followers you have; it's about smart strategies and leveraging the influence of others.

How It Works: In our innovative Two-Tier system, you don't need to directly make sales or have a large social media following. Instead, you can reach out to influencers or individuals with a larger audience. When these influencers become a part of our affiliate program through your referral and make sales, you earn a commission on each of those sales. It's that simple!

Watch Your Earnings Grow: Refer an influencer and earn passive income from their sales. Each subscription they secure adds to your commissions, offering a steady stream of earnings with minimal effort.

The Race is On: Influencer marketing is accessible to everyone. Act now if you know an influencer who aligns with our mission. Introduce them to "AmazingReflections" and play a key role in spreading our values.

A Gentle Nudge: Time is of the essence. Reach out to potential influencer affiliates today and set the stage for a mutually rewarding journey. The sooner you act, the better your chances of success.

Start Today, Grow Tomorrow: Our Two-Tier Affiliate System turns the lack of a personal following into an advantage. Embrace this chance to make an impact and reap the rewards, benefiting yourself, your referred influencers, and the young readers we inspire.

Discover the Rewards Awaiting You in Our Generous Affiliate Program!

Join our "AmazingReflections" affiliate program to earn generous rewards. Promote our unique Islamic magazine for kids, either directly or via influencers, and unlock the potential for significant income.

Your Path to Financial Growth: By referring influencers and making direct sales, you can enjoy a blend of active and passive income through both Tier 1 and Tier 2 commissions.

Take the First Step Today: Join us now to contribute to a meaningful cause and start earning. Sign up for our affiliate program [if you have not yet], make an impact, and see your efforts rewarded financially. Embark on this fulfilling journey with "AmazingReflections".

**Please note that, commissions will be calculated after removing the processing fee from the price of the product.** 

Why Join Our Affiliate Program?

  • Eternal Spiritual Rewards: Contribute to the Islamic education of children and earn ongoing spiritual rewards.

  • Generous Financial Incentives: Earn up to 50% commission with our two-tier system, enhancing your earning potential.

  • Be Part of a Community: Join a community focused on imparting knowledge and values to the young Muslim generation.

  • Earn Without Direct Selling: Leverage our Two-Tier system to earn from the efforts of recruited affiliates.

  • Inclusivity and Opportunity: Our program welcomes everyone, offering equal earning opportunities for all, regardless of experience or personal network.

  • If you are an existing affiliate, then access to the Affiliates Area by clicking on "Login" from top of the Home page, just at the right of "Home" tab.

Affiliate Program Guidelines and Conditions

Please carefully review our guidelines. By participating in our affiliate program, you consent to the following terms:

Commission Structure

1. Commissions are paid weekly, typically approximately 15 days post-sale.

2. A minimum of two valid sales is required for payment. Your affiliate account must have completed payment and tax details. For commission queries, send us an email to: [email protected]

Ineligible Sales

1. Personal purchases through your own affiliate link do not qualify for commissions.

2. Refunded sales are not commissionable.


In case of chargebacks or refunds post-payment, we may deduct the amount from your future commissions.

Promotion Guidelines

a. Adhere to FTC guidelines.

b. The following methods are forbidden and may lead to termination and forfeiture of commissions:

  1. Spam or safe lists.

  2. Cash rebates for purchases via your link.

  3. Negative language such as 'scam' or negative reviews.

  4. Misrepresentation or non-compliance with endorsement rules.

  5. Cookie stuffing.

  6. Fraudulent credit card use.

  7. Purchase inducement for prize qualification.

  8. SEO reviews must include genuine reviews.

Promotional Tools

1. Feel free to use the materials provided in the affiliate dashboard.

2. Do not repurpose website content unless designated for affiliates.

Fair Play

1. We strictly monitor for fraudulent activities. 

2. Engaging in unethical practices will result in account termination and forfeiture of commissions and rights to promote any AmazonReflections vendors.

In summary, maintain honesty and fair play. If uncertain, consult us. We take action against fraudulent activities to protect the integrity of our program.