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Welcome to Ramadan Partner Program

Affiliate Program Guidelines and Conditions

Please carefully review our guidelines. By participating in our affiliate program, you consent to the following terms:

Commission Structure

1. Commissions are paid weekly, typically approximately 15 days post-sale.

2. A minimum of two valid sales is required for payment. Your affiliate account must have completed payment and tax details. For commission queries, send us an email to: [email protected]

Ineligible Sales

1. Personal purchases through your own affiliate link do not qualify for commissions.

2. Refunded sales are not commissionable.


In case of chargebacks or refunds post-payment, we may deduct the amount from your future commissions.

Promotion Guidelines

a. Adhere to FTC guidelines.

b. The following methods are forbidden and may lead to termination and forfeiture of commissions:

  1. Spam or safe lists.

  2. Cash rebates for purchases via your link.

  3. Negative language such as 'scam' or negative reviews.

  4. Misrepresentation or non-compliance with endorsement rules.

  5. Cookie stuffing.

  6. Fraudulent credit card use.

  7. Purchase inducement for prize qualification.

  8. SEO reviews must include genuine reviews.

Promotional Tools

1. Feel free to use the materials provided in the affiliate dashboard.

2. Do not repurpose website content unless designated for affiliates.

Fair Play

1. We strictly monitor for fraudulent activities. 

2. Engaging in unethical practices will result in account termination and forfeiture of commissions and rights to promote any AmazonReflections vendors.

In summary, maintain honesty and fair play. If uncertain, consult us. We take action against fraudulent activities to protect the integrity of our program.