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    Step #1: Thanks for joining AmazingReflections!

    Welcome to the AmazingReflections family!

    Your choice to guide your child through the wonders of Islamic knowledge is a beautiful start to a lifelong journey of faith and learning. We are overjoyed to have you with us and are excited to see the growth and joy that awaits your little one.

    Thank you for trusting us to be a part of your child's Islamic education. You've made a wonderful decision, and we're here to support and enrich this experience every step of the way.

    Your Ramadan Adventure explained...

    Step #2: Here's the essential information you need:

      Embark on a Joyful 4-Week Ramadan Adventure with Your Kids!

      Get ready for an exciting journey! Your little ones are invited to our vibrant 4-week Ramadan Challenge. Stay tuned for the thrilling details coming your way. Instant access to our digital Ramadan magazine awaits, featuring a flipbook bursting with fun. Plus, a downloadable treasure of over 120 pages filled with captivating activities is ready to explore. Let's make this Ramadan unforgettable together!

      Discover the Premium Advantage

      Our Ramadan edition is designed to try the benefits of our Premium content. We're confident that once you've seen the impact of the Ramadan edition, you'll be inspired to join our community of Premium subscribers, ensuring your children have the richest, most engaging Islamic education experience possible.

      Your Ramadan Gift: Save Big on AmazingReflections Plans!

      Get ready for an exhilarating Ramadan treat! As a cherished member of AmazingReflections, you're in for a special delight with our exclusive Ramadan promo code: AR20. Seize this chance to enjoy a fabulous 20% discount on all our pricing plans. Whether you opt for the monthly plan and save $1.398 or go big with the 9 Years OTO for an additional staggering saving of $125.982 along with tons of other bonuses, the choice is yours. Dive into the spirit of Ramadan and make the most of this limited-time offer. Hurry, and embrace the joy of savings!

    Regular Subscription Plans


    One Premium Issue: Full access to a premium magazine issue.

    Monthly Limited Edition: Access to a monthly limited edition with a downloadable workbook.

    Instant Access: Immediate start with no waiting or commitments.

    No Credit Card Required: Hassle-free and no hidden charges.

    Get Started for FREE!
    No Credit Card Required!

    Monthly Subscription - $6.99

    Premium Magazines: Unlimited access to new editions each month.

    Downloadable Workbooks: Enhance learning with interactive workbooks.

    Flexible: Cancel anytime without long-term commitments.

    Family Engagement: Involvement tips for the whole family.

    BONUS #1, Book on Parenting 

    VALUE = $21.99!

    Monthly Access: Premium magazine collection plus $21.99 in bonuses for only $6.99/month.

    Snatch Up This Offer!

    Yearly Subscription - $69.99

    All Monthly Benefits: Plus priority support and annual peace of mind.

    Priority Support: Dedicated customer service.

    Annual Convenience: Avoid monthly billing and enjoy continuous learning.

    BONUS #1, Book on Parenting 

    VALUE = $21.99!

    BONUS #2, Two Months FREE! 

    VALUE = $13.98!

    BONUS #3, Foundation Level Access to Parenting Course. 

    VALUE = $124.99!

    Annual Access: Premium magazine collection plus bonuses worth $160.96 for $69.99/year

    Grab This Deal NOW!

    Special One Time Orders

    3 Years One Time Order - $209.97

    36 Months of Magazines: New issue each month, accessible for a year.

    Yearly Access: Continual learning with monthly interactive workbooks.

    BONUS #1, Book on Parenting 

    VALUE = $21.99!

    BONUS #2, Six Months FREE! 

    VALUE = $41.94!

    BONUS #3, Intermediate Level Access to Parenting Course. 

    VALUE = $195.99!

    BONUS #4, Access to 1 Treasure Trove

    VALUE = $499.99!


    3-Year Access: Get premium magazine collection plus bonuses worth $759.91 for only $209.97.

    Save $759.91 NOW!

    6 Years One Time Order - $419.94

    Dual Age Range: Magazines for two age groups as your child grows.

    72 Months of Content: Monthly magazines with a year-long access each.

    Uninterrupted Learning: Each issue remains accessible for a full year.

    BONUS #1, Book on Parenting 

    VALUE = $21.99!

    BONUS #2, Twelve Months FREE!

    VALUE = $83.88!

    BONUS #3, Advanced Level Access to Parenting Course. 

    VALUE = $374.99!

    BONUS #4, Access to 2 Treasure Troves

    VALUE = $999.98!

    6-Year Access: Premium magazine collection plus $1480.84 in bonuses for $419.94.

    Save $1480.84 NOW!

    9 Years One Time Order -

    Comprehensive Coverage: From age 3 to 11, grow with your child.

    108 Months of Learning: A decade of monthly magazines.

    Lasting Access: Each issue available for a year, ensuring a durable educational resource.

    BONUS #1, Book on Parenting 

    VALUE = $21.99!

    BONUS #2, Eighteen Months FREE! 

    VALUE = $125.82!

    BONUS #3, Expert Level Access to Parenting Course. 

    VALUE = $499.99!

    BONUS #4, Access to 3 Treasure Troves

    VALUE = $1499.97!

    9-Year Access: Premium magazine collection plus bonuses worth $2147.77 for $629.91.

    Save $2147.77 NOW!

    Detailed Pricing Plans

    Free Plan

    See, what's included in our Free Subscription plan.

    Paid Plans

    See, what's icluded in our paid plans.

    BONUS #1 

    Book on Parenting 

    VALUE = $21.99!

    • Islamic Parenting Guide: Comprehensive insights on nurturing children with faith and practicality.

    • Foundational Teachings: Based on Quran and Sunnah for faith, character, discipline, and education.

    • Engaging Language: Motivates and empowers parents with relatable examples and practical advice.

    • Structured Learning: Progressively builds understanding and enriches parenting skills.

    • Holistic Approach: Aims for children's development in both deen and dunya.


    BONUS #2

    2 Months FREE! 

    VALUE = $13.98!

    • Receive a full year’s worth of enlightening content for the price of ten months.

    • Act Fast: Seize this opportunity to enrich your child's education and faith. Subscribe today and save, paving the way for their bright future.

    BONUS #3

    Foundation Level Access to Parenting Course. 

    VALUE = $124.99!

    • Access to course materials based on Chapters 1-3, focusing on the basics of Islamic parenting.

    • Modules include key points with descriptions, real-life scenarios, practical exercises, checklists, and reflective questions with answers.

    • Designed to introduce core principles and practices of Islamic parenting.


    BONUS #2

    6 Months FREE! 

    VALUE = $41.94!

    • Exclusive Deal: Opt for our 3-Year One Time Order and receive an incredible 6 MONTHS FREE, offering your child extended access to our comprehensive Islamic and academic resources.

    • Don't Miss Out: Unlock this extraordinary value now to provide your child with the foundation for success. Subscribe today and maximize your savings.

    BONUS #3

    Intermediate Level Access to Parenting Course. 

    VALUE = $195.99!

    • Includes course materials based on Chapters 1-6, offering an expanded exploration of Islamic parenting.

    • Features detailed modules on key concepts, application through real-life scenarios, hands-on practical exercises, daily use checklists, and self-assessment reflective questions with answers.

    • Builds upon foundational knowledge, introducing more complex concepts.

    BONUS #4
    Access to 1 Treasure Trove

    VALUE = $499.99!

    • Over 1000 Pages of Learning: For ages 3-11, blending key skills with Islamic values for one age group.

    • Engaging and Educational: Activities ranging from simple coloring to complex subjects like Science & Technology.

    • Islamic and Worldly Excellence: Strengthening Islamic identity while excelling in academic subjects.

    • Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders: Equip your child with the knowledge to succeed as an educated Muslim in any field.

    • Your Child's Future Starts Now: Give them the tools for holistic success.


    BONUS #2

    12 Months FREE! 

    VALUE = $83.88!

    • Unmatched Value: Choose our 6-Year One Time Order today and get an entire YEAR FREE, enriching your child's learning journey with our unique blend of Islamic education and academic excellence.

    • Take Action: This is your chance to ensure your child's future is bright and informed. Subscribe now and take advantage of this remarkable offer.

    BONUS #3

    Advanced Level Access to Parenting Course. 

    VALUE = $374.99!

    • Access to course materials based on Chapters 1-9, emphasizing higher-level concepts and skills.

    • Structured approach with advanced key points, enriched real-life scenarios for application, targeted practical exercises, comprehensive checklists, and challenging reflective questions with answers.

    • Aims to consolidate and expand parenting expertise with in-depth knowledge.

    BONUS #4

    Access to 2 Treasure Troves

    VALUE = $999.98!

    • Extensive Educational Content: 2000+ pages for ages 3-11, marrying academic excellence with Islamic teachings for 2 age groups.

    • Diverse Learning Activities: Tailored resources including math, English, and Islamic studies.

    • Cultivate Faith and Knowledge: Balanced education to grow as both devout Muslims and skilled professionals.

    • Empower Your Child: Resources to forge future leaders who are spiritually and academically proficient.

    • Invest in Their Journey: Launch your child on a path to knowledge, faith, and success.


    BONUS #2

    18 Months FREE! 

    VALUE = $125.82!

    • Ultimate Savings: Secure our 9-Year One Time Order now and benefit from 18 MONTHS FREE, providing unparalleled access to valuable educational content that nurtures both mind and spirit.

    • Act Now: Embrace this opportunity to support your child's comprehensive development at an exceptional value. Subscribe today for long-term benefits and savings.

    BONUS #3

    Expert Level Access to Parenting Course. 

    VALUE = $499.99!

    • Full access to course materials based on all chapters, achieving complete mastery over Islamic parenting.

    • Comprehensive modules cover detailed key points, in-depth application scenarios, specialized practical exercises, extensive checklists, and advanced reflective questions with answers.

    • Tailored for comprehensive integration of Islamic parenting principles into family life, covering the full spectrum of topics.

    BONUS #4
    Access to 3 Treasure Troves

    VALUE = $1499.97!

    • Rich Educational Offering: 3000+ tailored pages for foundational to advanced learning, infused with Islamic values.

    • Varied Academic Tools: From early learning fun to rigorous subjects for the intellectually curious.

    • Blend of Deen and Dunya: Harmonizing religious teachings with worldly sciences for comprehensive development.

    • Future Success Blueprint: Designed to mold educated, faithful professionals ready to lead.

    • Elevate Your Child's Potential: Set the cornerstone for a future where faith meets intellect.

    Step #3: Final Step to Get Access to All Ramadan Resources!

    Thank you so much for coming all the way up to this step. Now its time to get access to the wonderful resources for your kids! Just type your best email where you want to recive the access details to all these resources!

    After giving your email address below, once you click on the button below, you will land on the login page. Please check your email for the login details [email & password]. Use those details to access to the members area where you wil get all the amazing Ramadan resources for your kids! Enjoy!